There’s nothing better than growing your own!

If space and budget allow, there is nothing more formal than a potager with raised beds, gravel paths and bespoke fruit cages.  Or opt for a delightfully informal cottage garden melange of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers to give your cooking a bit of colour and zing, combined with cutting flowers for a vase of goodies you don’t feel guilty about picking!

Pots placed in a sunny place can be home to all sorts of salads and vegetables and can be used in the smallest of spaces.

With a little imagination, the kitchen garden can be a thing of beauty as well as providing the household with delicious, healthy and lifestyle enhancing goodies.

For inspiration on interesting things to grow and how to do it, get in touch.

Sophie talked with us at length about any preferences we had and came back with a variety of schemes which we discussed before choosing the final one. She then drew the final scheme in beautiful detail, fit for framing. This was accompanied by a planting schedule which listed all the plants required with helpful descriptions. Her extensive knowledge of plants shone through. We contacted Sophie during the landscape work for useful advice and nothing was too much trouble for her. To say that the garden has been transformed would be a massive understatement and we have spent far more time enjoying both relaxing and working in the garden than we ever did before.
Mrs J Wood