How I work

A well designed and thought out garden will enhance your property and be a pleasure for years to come.

At Sophie Simpson Garden Design I offer a wealth of expertise and experience in all areas of garden design and practical gardening to ensure that you can have a beautiful place to relax in, one which is in harmony with its surroundings and your own lifestyle and taste.

From the initial vision and overall design of your outdoor spaces to advising on and planning your planting, arranging for structural features such as walls, ponds, paving and seating areas to be constructed and giving instruction and guidance to all aspects of garden maintenance, I will create the right package to suit your needs. My services are available throughout Northumberland, Newcastle and Tyne & Wear.  Any enquiries from further afield will be considered also.

The design process

Here is a brief description of how the process of creating your perfect garden progresses from the initial concept to the planted garden.

How 1


All projects start with a visit to the garden site and a discussion with the client about their needs and wishes for the garden, how they want to use the space and if they have an overall budget. At this point the opportunities and limitations within a site can be assessed before any planning takes place and a survey is carried out.


How 2


A detailed plan for the garden design is then drawn up, including any features such as walls, seating areas etc and presented to the client for amendments and approval. A landscaping company is chosen at this point and costs supplied.

How 3


Clients are also presented with sketches of constructions and features where necessary so that they can get a good feel for what key features will look like.

How 4


As part of the planning process a planting plan is also drawn up once the final layout of beds is confirmed. These are tailored to a client’s tastes, the type and aspect of garden and to fit in with the client’s level of gardening experience. I like to include some more unusual plants to help create something unique.

How 5


As work commences on the garden, I liaise with the landscaping company who take day-to-day management of the project. I am always available to clients to discuss any issues which may arise and for larger projects take hands on management role.

How 6


Once work on the landscape is completed the exciting part of planting the garden begins. I can either complete this myself, sourcing all plants and doing the planting out or I can provide detailed instructions for planting and recommendations for local and trusted suppliers so that clients can complete this stage themselves. I can also source and arrange delivery of plants for the landscapers to plant out.

How 7


The garden is now finished but its life has only just begun. To ensure your garden is properly maintained, I can provide personal tutorials on all aspects of gardening for those who wish to be hands on with this wonderful new place we have created.