More often than not, if shrubs aren’t completely neglected and allowed to run amok, they seem to be given a rounded shape once a year, irrespective of their flowering time and what their natural shape would be.

If you are the less than proud owner of a garden full of dumplings, or rampant evergreens,  I can try and help you to bring shape and flower back into the garden.

Knowing when to prune climbers, shrubs, roses, hedges and some trees is a vital part of looking after a garden and it will ensure that you have optimum performance from your plants, which is especially important in a small garden.

For lasting impact on their health, size, shape and flowering ability, a quick lesson in the whys and wherefores of this very simple procedure is well worth booking.  I charge by the hour and can give written notes afterwards for future reference.

s white rhodo in April 2011

From dark blob to leggy beauty!