Be creative with your clipping!

Give someone an evergreen shrub and invariably it gets a crisp haircut every year and is then left to its own devices.

I frequently see box or laurels amongst others. which have been clipped into slightly lopsided eggs or blobs which really don’t add much to a garden.

My own garden was a case in point.  When we moved in 5 years ago, the shrubs had all been given a good short back and sides but the shape was non-existent.

The plan was to create some urns out of eggs in the box garden.   It sounds like a miracle worthy of a bible story but with an artistic and creative son who made a template out of 6mm steel rods and then did the clipping, I am really pleased with the result.  It certainly attracts more comments than the eggs!

The next idea is to make a large egg into an egg in a cup, although sadly not in time for Easter this year!  The good thing about this sort of art is that your subject keeps growing so if you make a bit of a mistake, it will soon grow out and you can try again!

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